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The Centre of Europe

The Centre of Europe


Guimarães as European Capital of Culture in 2012 is the highlight of the new COOL.
The city will host several artist and cultural events. It is expected that its success goes beyond our city borders and echoes throughout the world. Guimarães will gain a new life. We invite you to join this festivity and come to our beautiful city, Guimarães, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Once we want to get 2012 well started, the 8th edition of COOL is full of good news, like the return of the Experimenta Design to Lisbon; the developed work by the CADA Design Group for the Continente Bom Dia shops; the presence of JORDÃO at the largest exhibition dedicated to Hospitality – HOST – and the 25-years partnership between JORDÃO and Aquimadeira.
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