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JORDAO at 2010 ranking

JORDAO at 2010 ranking

For the third consecutive year, José Júlio Jordão, Lda is pointed out by the study of the Exame magazine and of Heidrick & Stuggles as one of the best companies to work at in Portugal. Of the 85 finalists JORDAO came on the 25th position of the medium size companies’ ranking, being the only industrial company.

Isidro Lobo, JORDAO’s general manager, refers that: “One more time the role employees have in companies has been pointed out, being considered as their main asset. In JORDAO we like treating well all those who contribute for the success and growth of the company, so that there is motivation, there is pleasure in doing a job, which is on its turn going to satisfy our customer, our reason for being.”

The study is made through anonymous interviews to companies’ employees and it measures their level of satisfaction. Consulters of Heidrick & Struggles analyzed all the surveys under the supervision of journalists of the Exame magazine. As far as the company is concerned, the satisfaction level was set at 85%.


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