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Sr. José Júlio Jordão
15 de junho de 1982


O merchandiser que faz a diferença no seu negócio!

Stainless steel plug-in multi deck range, with a depth of 62 cm or 80 cm, for Coffee Shops, Modern Restaurant and Supermarkets. Designed for cold and hot food: Charcuterie Products, Drinks, Sandwiches, Salads, Cheese, Yogurts, Sushi, Dry Salted Fish, … All well visible and ready to go.



-1… +5 °C (3M1)


+1… +10 °C (3H1)


+60… +65 °C


-1… +5 °C (3M1)

CO2 | R290

Always fresh and visible food!

  • Fan assisted cooling with air curtain for an even temperature.
  • Available in two depths, 80 and 62 cm, to fit even in the smallest spaces.
  • 5 display levels for high capacity and easy stock refill.
  • Side and top high brightness LED illumination, for a maximum visibility of your products.
  • Glass front doors which allow energy savings up to 50%(optional).
Shelf detail - UNITED 62 chilled multi deck from JORDAO.

JORDAO's UNITED 62 heated multi deck for hot food.

Soups, noodles, sandwiches, … all warm and handy!

  • Fan assisted heating for a constant temperature.
  • System with reuse of hot air for a better energy efficiency of the equipment, which represents savings of 50% when compared to traditional models.

Pass-through model for quicker product re-stock!

UNITED refrigerated multi decks are also available with service doors that facilitate the operations in store, so that you never lack product to your Customers.
UNITED 62 chilled pass-through model for quick product re-stock from JORDAO.

UNITED 62 chilled staineless steel and white painted models from JORDAO.

Choose your style!
Different finishing's and complements.

  • Available as stainless steel or white model.
  • Panoramic end panel with double glazing unit or mirrored end panel.
  • Wide range of complements and accessories to maximize sales.

Manual or electric lockable roller shutter for additional protection for your goods.

Models available with manual or electric lockable roller shutter for additional security of your products and saving energy. 
JORDAO UNITED multi decks manual and electric lockable roller shutter.
JORDAO's UNITED 62 chilled multi deck for remote condensing unit installation.

More options with UNITED multi decks range.

Specific model without base to be placed on counter top or to be built-in, always for remote condensing unit installation.

Energy Efficiency Index R290*

UNITED refrigerated

STD Open  
With front door option   
Slim Open   
With front door option   
(*) The class indicates the best energy class for this model, based on specific configurations and set-up, so the energy label may differ depending on the configuration and dimension of each model. The Energy Efficiency Index is calculated according to the European Energy Labelling Regulation 2019/2018.
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